Carpet Fitters Recommend: How To Maintain Your New Carpet


After carpet fitters install your new floors, we recommend keeping them in great condition with regular maintenance. It’s not very time consuming to keep your floors in a good state, we find little and often will maintain a great appearance. After all, it will help keep them looking newer for years to come. After installation, we also offer cleaning and various products to help look after your new floor.

Here are just some ways to maintain the floor. 

Avoid Wearing Shoes

After carpet fitters install your new floor, it’s important to protect it as much as possible. If you want it to last as long as possible, try to prevent people from wearing shoes inside. Shoes can track in dirt and various debris from outside, which isn’t so great for the floor. Especially if someone has accidentally stepped in chewing gum or something unpleasant, it’s wise to ask guests to remove their shoes.

Shoes On Carpet
Hoovering Carpet

Hoover Regularly After Carpet Fitters Installation

It’s important to reduce build-ups of dirt and dust. By hoovering regularly with a quality vacuum, you ensure that all these bits are removed. Take time to move furniture and other items out of the way to make sure the whole surface has been cleaned. If you do have pets, you can also use a pet hair removal tool to help scrape hairs from the floor.  

Treat Stains Immediately

When spills or accidents happen, it is recommended to deal with them immediately. This might include a stain remover or a homemade solution depending on your preference. Either way, blotting, rather than scrubbing the area, is advised by carpet fitters. This will help prevent it from spreading and penetrating further into the surface. Our team offers the application of a stain guard and other cleaning products to help keep your new floor looking fresh and odour-free. 

coffee spilt on carpet
Dog On Carpet

Keep Pets Nails Trimmed

Sometimes dog or cat claws can get caught in the fibres of the flooring, so it’s wise to keep on top of regular nail clipping appointments. Not only for the comfort of your pet, but also to keep the carpet in good condition. If you do find loose threads, ensure you don’t pull them out as it could remove it from the base.

Rotate Furniture Regularly

After carpet fitters have been to your home, it’s always good to try and move around your furniture regularly if possible. This helps reduce deep, irreversible indentations from furniture legs. Moving around the furniture can also help reduce the chance of visible traffic lanes on the new flooring.

You could also invest in some durable cups to go on the feet of furniture legs This will help to protect the floor from deep indents, and instead help it distribute the weight over a wider surface.

Carpet in front room

Get In Touch With Us Today For Quality Carpet Fitters

It doesn’t take much to maintain this type of floor. At Strictly Bespoke Flooring & Carpet Company Ltd, we offer flooring solutions from some of the leading brands. This includes Brockway, Cormar, Manx Tomkinson, Crucial Trading, and Westex Flooring. After installation, our team can help with the application of a stain guard and recommend the suitable cleaning products for your specfic floor. For installation and maintenance services, contact our team now. 


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