The Best Carpets For Every Room In Your Home

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As carpet fitters, we have installed many floors in lots of homes. Before you buy, it’s good to think about what room the flooring is going in, as each space has different requirements. In this article, we explore what kind of material is best for the main rooms in your house.


Hallways are generally adjacent to the entrances in your home. This means that there’s a lot of foot traffic and, unless enforced, people are likely to wear their shoes. For this space, you’ll want a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain. For these reasons, we recommend a shorter pile. This means that it is quite flat but easier to keep in good condition. As you’re expecting quite a lot of dirt, we recommend choosing a colour that hides mess quite well. You can still choose something neutral, but perhaps having a flecked carpet will be the best choice for you.

carpet in hallway


For the stairs, again you need to anticipate high traffic. Also, the movement of going down the stairs means that people can be quite heavy footed. For this reason we recommend a medium pile. This means that it will still be comfy underfoot, but also durable. Choosing a material like wool or nylon is a great idea as shorter piles don’t flatten easy.

Carpet Stair Runners

Living Room

The flooring in this area should be comfortable yet practical. People use their living rooms in a variety of ways. As well as a place to chill out, a living room can be used as a dining area, play room or perhaps even an office area. You’re going to want a versatile and durable carpet in this space, as well as something that’s cosy. For these reasons we recommend a medium pile, so you can enjoy that warm feeling underfoot  but also benefit from easier maintenance.



With a bedroom, you have the luxury of choosing a plush carpet. Something dense with a high pile is going to be very comfortable underfoot. As for the colour, it is completely up to you! As a place that isn’t as prone to spillages and dirt as other rooms, you can have free reign. Think of waking up in the morning and placing your feet onto a cosy, plush carpet and choose the one that suits you best!

Bedroom Carpet

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If you need help choosing the flooring inside your home, get in touch with us. Our friendly team have plenty of experience and knowledge to help advise on the best solutions for you.


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