What Is LVT Flooring?

A Person Installing New Vinyl Tile Floor, A Diy Home Project.

LVT flooring is a popular choice for many homes. It stands for ‘luxury vinyl tile’ which is an advancement of vinyl flooring in tile form. It has many benefits such as being durable, easy to maintain, and it looks great too. At Strictly Bespoke Flooring & Carpet Company Ltd, we offer the supply and installation of many different types of these tiles.

Here we’ve answered some questions that you may have about this type of floor.

Does LVT Flooring Scratch Easily?

The tiles are durable and extremely resistant to scratches. This makes it ideal for homes with children and pets, as you can be confident the floor is less likely to get damaged compared to other solutions. It exhibits a protective wear layer that defends it against scuffing and any staining.

Is LVT Flooring Waterproof?

This type of floor is resistant to water, making it perfect for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms. As long as they are installed correctly by professionals, they are tightly locked in together to prevent any water from infiltrating underneath.

Lvt Flooring tiles

Can LVT Flooring Be Repaired?

Unlike vinyl, as this type of floor is made up of individual tiles, repairs are simple. If one tile get damaged, it’s easy to replace it with another. So, always make sure to get a few spares just in case.

At Strictly Bespoke Flooring & Carpet Company Ltd, we offer a maintenance service where we can restore the tiles with a PU resin coating. Get in touch for more information about what we can do.

What Are The Different Styles?

LVT flooring is available in many different designs and patterns. They are also available as planks and made to look like wood to mimic hardwood floors. What’s more, there are many different sizes of tile available. These can be placed down to create various patterns such as the classic herringbone. At Strictly Bespoke Flooring & Carpet Company Ltd, we offer bespoke services to create a design perfect for your home.

Lvt tiles

What Is The Life Expectancy Of LVT Flooring?

These tiles can last for over 20 years if taken care of correctly. Depending on the installation, traffic, and wear and tear, they can be maintained for many years. They’re a popular option for many because of how long they last for.

Get In Touch With Us Now For Supply And Installation Services

If these tiles sound like the perfect addition to your home, contact Strictly Bespoke Flooring & Carpet Company Ltd today. We offer a range of brands including Amtico, Karndean, Harvey Maria, Ambiance, Kahrs, and Project Floors. We can supply and install a range of tiles to suit you.  


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